Eddie built the house of his dreams in the late 20s in Great Neck, Long Island. Then the stock market crashed in 1929, and Eddie lost everything. He couldn't afford to live in his two-year old mansion and went to work in the movies in Hollywood. The house was left empty (well, not quite empty--a lot of his furniture remained.) After years of paying taxes on his home with no buyers for it (don't forget--it was the Depression), he had to sell the land, and the gorgeous house was demolished. This is a rare glimpse into the house that Eddie built.

There were 10 acres, containing 17 rooms and a 5 car garage with 541 ft. frontage.

It was two and a half stories with fire and sound proof construction.

The entrance hall was trimmed in oak, panelled to the ceiling, with a dressing room, lavatory and concealed phone booth. When climbing the stairs, there was a large leaded, art glass window on the first landing.

The construction was of brick, hollow tile and stucco, with exposed timbers and a slate roof.

The 25x35 foot living room with its handcarved wooden grilled double doors was down three steps and to the left of the entrance and hall. It had a white marble mantle with open fire place and a large plate glass mirror in a gilded frame with small rosettes hanging over it. The frescoed ceiling had a large ornamental electric crystal chandelier, which was matched by similar side light brackets on the ivory finished walls.

To the right of the entrance hall, handcarved double doors led to the 24.6x19.5 dining room. There was an open fire place and walnut walls, wainscoted to the ceiling, from which hung another electric crystal chandelier.

Adjoining the dining room was a 12x19 foot breakfast room with a blue tiled floor and tile wainscoting to a height of three feet.

On the second floor was a 18x24 foot master bedroom with two large wardrobes and a screened sleeping porch with tiled floor. The bathroom had tile to the ceiling in black and ivory, a glass enclosed standing shower and built in massage table.

There was another master bedroom, 21x25 feet, with dressing room, wardrobe closet, wall safe and another beautiful bathroom. There were also five guest bedrooms, two bathrooms, a wash room and a maid's bedroom.

The 23x24 ft. basement, with terrazzo floor, buffet bar, and refrigerator, had a guest dressing room and bathroom, store rooms and a completely equipped laundry as well as a two oil burning furnace boiler room for vapor heat with a hot water tank of 300 gallon capacity. There were thermostats and phone systems in every room and a laundry shute on each floor. There was also a large room designed as a theater. Imagine the great films that would have been running there and the famous guests watching.

There was also a servant's dining room, three bedrooms and bath.

The garage had an upstairs two-three room apartments with bath and porch and could accomodate five to eight cars downstairs with a private gas pump. The parking area was space enough for 25 cars. And there you have it--this beautiful mansion torn down to the ground.

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