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2004 LA CONVENTION--See Joan Leslie, Sybil Jason, Margaret Kerry and Cantor family members, Amanda Abel & Brian Gari, Cantor impersonator Rick Rogers and Mr. Tin Pan Alley, Richard Halpern. Over 2 hours on DVD! $13.95

2000 NY CONVENTION on 2 DVDs--Brian Gari, Eddie Cantor, Jan Hernstat, Steve Ames, Phyliss Rosenteur, Janet Gari, Will Jordan, Joe Franklin, Roberto Gari, Vince Giordano, Caroline Durham (19.95--2-DVD) Over 3 hours!

1999 LA CONVENTION--Janet Gari, Brian Gari, Robert Clary, Michelle Malik, Dave Greim, Fayard Nicholas, Sybil Jason, Rick Rogers (13.95) almost 90 minutes

1998 LA CONVENTION--At the Magic Castle with Brian Gari, Sheila Rogers, Jane Ardmore, Patti Lewis, Robert Clary, Janet Gari (13.95) almost 90 minutes

1994/1995 NY CONVENTIONS on one DVD--Arthur Siegel, Joe Franklin, Bill Britten, Brian Gari, Roberto Gari, Sheila Riddle, Sheila Rogers, Will Jordan, Miriam Silver, Caroline Durham, Ira Linden, Barbara Fisher, Jan Hernstat, Jack Ciaramella, Herbert Goldman. Also includes Surprise Lake Camp, NBC & walking tour of lower east side (13.95)

Note: These are DVD-Rs and usually play on all DVD players, but better on name brand ones.

SPECIAL DEAL--Buy them all for a total of $65! Save over $10! Just send check or money order to THE EDDIE CANTOR APPRECIATION SOCIETY P.O. Box 4521 Valley Village, CA 91617 All postage and handling in the US is $4 per item while overseas is $7 per item.

For Complete information, send e-mail to: info@EddieCantor.com

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