Here are a few books that are currently on the market that are either written by Eddie Cantor or about Eddie Cantor. They should prove very useful to anyone interested in the work of this great man. We will be expanding this page as new books are published.

Eddie's two great autobiographies My Life Is In Your Hands & Take My Life has been reprinted with all the original photos as well as an additional lost chapter and complete index. Just click here to order your copy or if you prefer, call 1-800-462-6420 to order by phone.

Two of Eddie Cantor's original books have been reprinted! His huge seller Caught Short that brought him back from the loss of his fortune in 1929 is much sought after item these days. click here for more info

Yoo Hoo Prosperity is also available. click here for more info

One of the great books on the market about Eddie is one by James Fisher entitled Eddie Cantor: A Bio-bibliography. If you want to know everything he did on radio, television, films, sheet music, records and more, this book is the best for the true Cantor fan. Just click here and you can order a copy.

There is more of a biography type of book written by Gregory Koseluk and entitled Eddie Cantor: A Life In Show Business. Gregory did a good job as well and this is a good reference book. Just click here and you can order a copy.

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